Getting Ready for Your Senior Photoshoot

Hello Gorgeous!

This post is to give you some tips to help you get ready for your photoshoot. My senior shoots are FUN. Just take a minute to read through this list so you are well prepared.

  2. Avoid tan lines (including watch). If you have last minute tan lines, please try to cover and blend with makeup. Use a cotton ball to dab a matte bronzer (if your complexion is medium to dark) or a matte peachy blush (if your fair and get pink in the sun). Blend it over the tan line and on to the skin right next to it. If it is just on the tan line it will look too obvious.
  3. Hydrate, moisturize and use chapstick for the week prior to the session.
  4. Tame fly-aways if possible.
  5. Nails should be clean/manicured. No chips. Stick to neutral tones.
  6. Text me any time to talk about outfits. But to give some guidelines, you'll want to make sure you can comfortably sit down and move around in your clothes. You don't need to buy new clothes. You already have clothes you love. Wear your favorites.
  7. Avoid neon colors. Please. Pretty please.
  8. Iron your clothes if necessary and bring them on a hanger.
  9. Try on your undergarments with the outfits you are wearing. Make sure bra straps are not showing. Make sure your bra is an appropriate color. Check for panty lines.
  10. Pick out your shoes and accessories. If you are wearing uncomfortable shoes, bring something you can easily slip in and out of so you are not in pain. Pack your jewelry in separate baggies for each outfit so it is easy for you to find and put on while we are on the go.
  11. Don't wear foundation with SPF for your photoshoot. It has a reflective quality that looks shiny in photos. Bring face blotters to keep your makeup intact and keep the shine down.
  12. Don't use any makeup anywhere on your face with glitter in it.
  13. Shave. Your. Legs. And. Armpits.
  14. Consider removing the lenses of your glasses and wearing only the frames to avoid glare.

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